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Backhoe Loader - Operation and Safety v2.0.0H5 (SSBHL)

Backhoe Loader - Operation & Safety
In this program you will learn Operation & Safety of this versatile and common piece of equipment, the backhoe loader (a.k.a., tractor loader backhoe). The course contains eight lessons, including design features and components reviewed in relation to safety and productivity.

Safety aspects of operation such as proper PPE, underground utility precautions and inspecting your worksite are shown.
The pre-use inspection lesson covers external checks, engine checks, fluid checks, moving part hazards, brake checks and more.
Machine controls, start-up procedures, monitoring systems and machine function are addressed and explored.Loader operation will concentrate on methods to effectively use the backhoe loader for different functions.
On the jobsite techniques are taught for initial set up, digging and backfilling, loading a truck, and working with stockpiles.
The final lesson focuses on the correct procedures of machine shutdown, parking the machine, and fueling the backhoe loader.
Recommended Prerequisite(s): Heavy Equipment - Intro & Safety, Heavy Equipment - Pre-Use Inspection
Estimated length of training program: 1 hour + final test
Number of test Questions: 25
Printable Certificate of Completion: Yes, with person's name, date and test score
Incorrect Question Feedback report: Yes
Language: English
Narration: Yes

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  • Introduction
  • Getting to Know Your Backhoe Loader
  • Pre-use and Post-use Inspection
  • Machine Operations
  • Loader Operation
  • Backhoe Operation
  • Final Exam
Completion rules
  • All units must be completed